About the Artist


My name is Susana and I'm a Textile- and Fashion Designer and Life Coach.
I like to inspire people and support and encourage them in living their potential.

I love living on this planet. I love the animals, nature, different people's cultures, clothes, fabrics, adventures and the magical. Because I love life on this planet so much, I envision World Peace and all people respecting each other, the Animals and Nature and living healthy, abundant lives living to their fullest potential. And I do believe a peaceful future is possible now.

I studied Fashion- and Textile Design at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale.

My inspirations come from animals, nature and anything else I love.

I love drawing by hand or in Adobe Illustrator. Most of my patterns are drawn in Adobe Illustrator, so I can easily scale them or change the colors.

My Story

I liked drawing as a child, but also loved animals and Math. Dancing and Healing are also important to me. My first 30 years as an adult I worked in Computers, danced a lot and was a Licensed Massage Therapist on the side.

Then in 2006 I saw "Devil wears Prada" in a Movie Theatre and when I saw that runway in Paris I decided to study Fashion Design at the Art Institute.

When I was done studying, I still had to work full-time as Computer Programmer, so I looked at what I could do on the side of the things I loved in my studies at The Art Institute. I loved Fashion Illustration and all the drawing we did for Pattern Design, Technical Design, etc. Since I have 2 curious, playful cats I decided to draw on the computer rather than on paper with colored pencils, so I could draw 15 - 20 minutes a day before work and quickly put everything away, when I had to run off to work.

At this point I've been drawing 5 days a week for 20 minutes to occasionally several hours for 6 years.

I am available for Art Licensing. Please contact me at info.betotallyyou [@] gmail.com, if you are interested.